On the border of Berlin’s historic Treptower Park, something beautiful is growing...

MOOS is a community of communities.

Right across from Treptower Park, MOOS — ’Moss’ in English—serves as a watering hole where the creativity and communal spirit of Berlin converge. It`s a welcoming space for diverse paths to meet, encouraging an innovative, interdisciplinary and interconnected community right in the city`s core.

The Y Berlin, a new community design lab embedded within MOOS, tends to the blend of technology and community, reflecting MOOS’ aim to cultivate spaces that foster connections deeper than mere cohabitation.

With the introduction of Vybes, seeded by the Y Berlin, we aim to fertilize community engagement with experiences and connections valued over transactions. Vybes encourages every member, new or old, to contribute their unique super power. Forget about normal transactions; at MOOS, it`s all about what you feel called to bring to the table—ideas, workshops, you name it. Vybes let you dive into everything MOOS has to offer and really be an active part of a resilient and growing community space.

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