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What are Vybes?

The Y Berlin at MOOS is excited to launch an innovative timeshare concept, offering tailored Vybe packages in the heart of Berlin. This initiative is not just about booking stays; it's an entry into a community-focused, gamified experience designed for a diverse audience including families, digital nomads, and retirees.

What do Vybes do?

The Y Berlin at MOOS runs on vybes. Vybes are a post-transactional timeshare mechanism. Vybes can be redeemed for personal use, organisational use, or donated to support community projects.

Exchange Vybes to for direct discounts on MOOS resources:

✨ 1 Vybe = a day/night of play at MOOS (one person)

✨ 2 Vybes = a day/night of play at MOOS + sauna and food (one person)

✨ 6 Vybes = a four-hour hosting slot + light catering (small event)

✨ 12 Vybes = main hall rental slot + orga support + food/drink (large event)

Vybes are in limited supply and are a novel way to become a member of MOOS. That said, they do expire after 1 year. So make sure to use them or donate them to support projects you believe in!

Where to find Them?

In your profile screen.


How to use them?

At checkout, if your Vybes cover the cost of your booking, select the discount widget. Apply the discount, and you're set!

10 Vybes - 10 nights - 100% off

10 Vybes - 5 nights - 100% off

10 Vybes - 14 nights - cannot be used

This block will appear on Checkout page:

Redeem Your Vybes [DEMO]

Get a discount on your accommodation


Vybe to redeem

Additional Vybes info

Validity: Vybes are valid for one year (12 months) from purchase.

Redemption: Redeem Vybes on our booking platform for MOOS resources. New resources are added regularly.

Transferability: Currently, Vybes cannot be transferred. We’re developing a VYBES Bazaar for future sharing and transfers.

Booking Policy: Vybes operate on a first-booked, first-served basis.

Digital Nature: VYBES are not on blockchain or a crypto token, with potential future exploration into digital tokenization.

Value: Each VYBE approximates to a day and night of play at MOOS. We hope you take play as seriously as we do.

Referrals: stay tuned for referral benefits and the upcoming VYBES Bazaar for expanded sharing options within the MOOS community.

Keep an eye out for future developments as we enhance the VYBES experience, including potential blockchain integration.